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By JBJ (registered) | Posted May 18, 2012 at 15:26:56

Kudos to both Jason and Aaron. The conversion of one-way streets in residential neighbourhoods (here I'm thinking of Central and the North End) is important as well. I live near Barton and James and find that many drivers will use Colbourne or Mulberry Streets as short cuts to avoid traffic lights going east-west or vice versa. The problem? Many of these drivers are going too fast for these roads with the risk of running down pedestrians.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of walking down Cannon knows all too well that that cars routinely go 15 to 25 km above the speed limit. Terry Cooke alluded to this a few months ago when he talked about how the many beautiful homes on that street have lost value because Cannon is essentially a five lane highway. We need to do the grassroots campaign not just to convince the folks around the boardroom at City Hall but to convince our fellow citizens on the Mountain, in Stony Creek and Flamborough that two way conversion is the way to go. Until the "suburban" car dependent people are convinced, two-way conversion is going to be a struggle but one that we must maintain for the future of our city and our environment.

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