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By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted May 17, 2012 at 05:41:22 in reply to Comment 77023

Apologies if you're finding my clarifications 'fuzzier'. One of us will have to try harder, I guess. : )

Simply put:

-I doubt very much you're going to see what you're hoping for. My bet is that that's as far away from what will more than likely happen with a review than what you've presented as Council's consensus about 'leave it be'. You want change, so do I, but the degree of change necessary is something you and I are not in agreement about.

-I'm really not interested in 'all the comments from City Hall'. They don't matter one whit, this side of an actual review. Not one that has a consultant (the only way this should go), or the public consultations, and certainly not where the actual OMB parameters and guidelines are providing the framing. So I'm certainly not interested in any of the perceived 'job-security-protecting-smokescreen' mindset. It means nothing to me. It's mindless chatter, and we need to ignore it, to rise well above it.

-Sean, nobody ever said -at least I never did- that it's just a case of a 'one way-too-big mountain ward'. On the other hand, it's also not just a case of drastic change. What it's about is a review process. And allowing that to unfold as communities across the province have seen for themselves.

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