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By djfern (registered) | Posted May 16, 2012 at 11:01:57

Hi, I live on a side street by King and Sherman. Just moved here in February. ALthough I use King and Main streets constantly to get through town in my car, I'd be more than happy to see both of them turn into two ways. It would make King and Main streets actually viable for business. It might make it even remotely walkable. Heck, you could even cross them without risking your life. As is, one can barely safely get into the left or right most lanes to make a turn without risking a rear-end accident.

Burlingotn ave, being located through an industrial zone, makes sense to keep it as a semi-freeway.

Main and King are major downtown streets that should be commercial hubs with lots of local businesses and walkable streets. As is they are high speed freeways with a decimated local business culture (at least in my part of town).

I personally think slowing down those two streets, making them two ways, putting in more lights and cross walks in addition to starting some new Business Improvements Areas - especially for the eastern parts of those streets - will go a huge distance towards making them work for residents and commuters alike.

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