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By jason (registered) | Posted May 16, 2012 at 08:27:47 in reply to Comment 76936

  1. They work for a freeway. Downtown streets are supposed to be full of life, commerce, people and vibrancy.

  2. And don't forget every single expert who has come to town in the past 25 years. Either someone is feeding them all the identical kool-aid before they arrive, or their expert opinion just might have a point...more-so than incoherent letters to the editor page in the Spec.

  3. Our ring freeway system is convenient and efficient. From Locke and King I arrive at the QEW in 10 minutes via Burlington St. I arrive at Greenhill and RHVP in 15. That's literally the opposite end of town. Find me another city our size where one can travel to the opposite end of town in 10-15 minutes, with barely a stoplight (just a few on Burlington St). Even all the one-way streets can't compete with the efficiency and convenience of our freeways. If they did, I'd use them when heading to the QEW or Greenhill Ave.

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