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By Serendipity (registered) | Posted May 09, 2012 at 14:21:22

Breeze, if you really are a North Ender, as I am, you would know that an overwhelmingly 90%-plus North Enders voted for 30k, way back in 2007 or 08. As well, you would know that two City-hired experts, Dan Burden and Dr. Catherine O'Brien, wrote letters in support of a blanket 30k in the North End.

Finally, you would know that the City agreed in the past to 30k, save for James and Burlington Sts; the two aforementioned experts, and NEN, and close to 100% of those who live on James and Burlington Sts wanted James and Burlington Sts to have a 30k speed as well. The City balked and balked about James and Burlington, and NEN went to the OMB. If you're really a North Ender, where have you been since January 2006 when the North End Traffic Study began and North Enders overwhelmingly agreed to a blanket 30k?

ps...The City informed all residents of the North End during the traffic study that speed bumps/humps would definitely not be used in the NE; in fact, they are rarely, if ever, used anymore for traffic calming. Breeze, no disrespect, but the time to say nay to 30k in the North End was many, many moons ago and I'm sorry to say you completely missed the slow-moving traffic study when it was in motion. Mind you, you would have been one of a very small minority who was not in favour of a blanket 30k; at the same time, had you been involved and voiced your disagreement you might not be spewing this nonsense at this stage of the game.

The North End will be Canada's first Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood with, as you say, "gorgeous vistas & amenities us Northenders appreciate so much."
Now, we just have to wait on the OMB report to see if James and Burlington will be 30k too.

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