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By ridiculous (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2012 at 04:49:26

The reason this is before the OMB is because the notion of reducing the speed limit to 30 is ridiculous. Your problem is not with the speed limit but with the enforcement of that limit. 50 kph is pretty much a universal limit in urban centres with some reductions to 40 in selected areas like school zones. Trying to lower the limit to 30 in such a large area is plain silly. The city is doing the right thing in not caving in to a small radical vocal neighbourhood association. The reason this is wasting the time and resources of our system is because the association is out to lunch and has lost all touch with reality. You have the right to take your ridiculous notion to the OMB which is more than you deserve.

What is the point, you want to give speeding tickets to mobility scooters?

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