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By Breeze (anonymous) | Posted May 07, 2012 at 22:37:41 in reply to Comment 76572

Honestly, I'm 1000% against naming any neighbourhood as a "child and family friendly" area.
It's like putting a giant sign saying 'Downtown Hamilton' at a particular street like that is where the downtown begins and ends.


The North End, like Downtown, is organic. They grow as time passes. People come, people go. Children are born, and they leave.

To label the entire north end as a "child and family friendly" area limits the posibility of attracting those who do not want to live in such a neighbourhood, but who love the gorgeous vistas & amenities us Northenders appreciate so much.

Sorry Sheri & Shawn, as a Northender myself I cannot support your efforts to label the north end as such. Please stick to lobbying the city for a two way John St with traffic calming measures (bike lanes, speed humps, etc).

It seems the NEN has a hidden agenda disguised by legitimate urbanist activism. Just in my opinion of course.

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