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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted May 06, 2012 at 19:31:50 in reply to Comment 76530

I'll summarize my point for you:

If the goal is a reduction in laws broken, we should accommodate all users through improved infrastructure rather than handing a few hundred tickets out every spring.

If on the other hand the goal is to improve safety, we should analyze past injuries and address the violations that cause the most harm (a major one being improper turns by motorists).

I did not say that there is no enforcement to drivers.

I do however think there's not enough.

You are angry at me singling out cars. I drive one by the way. But I also realize that if we removed every bike from the road we'd only save every cyclist while drivers, pedestrians and passengers would still die on our roads. But if we removed every motor vehicle we would save the lives of every potential driver, passenger and pedestrian casualty PLUS 99% of potential cyclist casualties.

Before you misread that, I'm not advocating for removing cars. What I'm advocating for is greater appreciation for their potential to cause harm, a greater respect of their power & problems, and recognition by all of us when we get behind the wheel that we are talking hundreds of others' lives in our hands.

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