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By ViennaCafe (registered) | Posted May 06, 2012 at 09:53:46 in reply to Comment 76511

And none of those cover the actual costs of driving. There is the infrastructure costs, and then there are the externalities all of which are passed on to everyone regardless of where they live.

It strikes me as both amusing and fascinating that cyclists and pedestrians are expected to subsidize driving through their taxes at all levels of government and drivers have no issue with the costs of maintaining and expanding services and infrastructure they directly benefit from on the taxes of those who do not benefit to the same extent if at all. But as soon as any suggestions are made as to spending just a little of that money on infrastructure that will benefit cyclists and commuters they whine and balk as though they personally pay for it.

The actual costs of driving, roads, pollution, police, etc ... should be borne by drivers. And bus fares would not necessarily rise at all, they may go down, if driver paid their fare share.

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