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By lakeside (registered) | Posted April 27, 2012 at 14:26:12 in reply to Comment 76284

I could see that working if everybody behaves.

Dutch riders must have better passing/lane discipline, possibly derived from experience. (And no sidewalk-riding renegades; I haven't seen an article yet on how enforcement is handled there. You get the impression it's somehow not really a problem.)

My other concern was about complicating pedestrian movements but the video also proposes moving the stop line back and inserting pedestrian zebra crossings between that line and the bike zone.

They've obviously put a lot of study into this system. It's so far advanced from where _we_ are now that I'm having trouble digesting it.

It seems that excruciatingly careful synchronization of the signal phases would make or break the success of this design, but then we have some awfully complex schemes in effect here already. I presume our traffic planners could work out the details, if only they could be willing, and empowered, to do so.

Would we have endure a dozen reconstruction and reeducation phases to move to this system, or could we just skip all the in-between steps and adopt this best practice in one fell swoop?

What's that feeling when you finally get something and you're in full support of it but then realize it probably won't happen because others are unwilling go through the same thought process?

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