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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted April 24, 2012 at 23:23:28 in reply to Comment 76151

If Hamilton's former CN station was actually on the main Windsor-Toronto-Montreal line, keeping it as a train station would have made tremendous economic sense. It would likely have become THE main transit hub for the Hamilton-Burlington area, and remained the most spectacular station building next to Union Station.

Trouble is, the Niagara line is not a high-volume corridor. During its heyday, trains had to back in to the station several kms to access it from the main line. In the modern transportation world, that's just not cost effective for train service providers.

Re-purposing the station was probably the only way to save it. Hate LIUNA if you wish, but their adaptive re-use (and forthcoming expansion) has been a huge success in my opinion.

Even if the station was still an empty building, GO would not have been able to make the most of all that space.

I do agree though that people will quickly figure out that the 4 morning peak period trains and 4 evening peak period trains use Hunter, and all-day service can be found at James N.

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