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By Brendan Simons (anonymous) | Posted April 23, 2012 at 11:52:07

I take Canon/York across that stretch. I make sure to take up a good portion of the right lane, as the lanes aren't big enough for cars to pass safely in the same lane. It works fairly well, except for the occasional one-finger salute I get from drivers who have to *gasp* make a lane change.

The other option is to go south of your zone and head down Charleton, but that's a big detour.

It is inexcusable that there isn't a reasonable option for cycling across the lower city. This is the primary reason we don't have a cycling culture in Hamilton IMHO.

(Apparently there were bike lanes on Main and King once upon a time - I can only guess why they were removed. We also had a chance for bike lanes when they were going to put LRT down Main, but that plan has been quashed too :(

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