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By Education smeduaction (anonymous) | Posted April 13, 2012 at 18:48:28

Formal education. Well, you can't beat it. If one can afford it. However, I come from a LONG line of high-school ALMOST graduates, entrepreneurs, leaders in business, inventors, patent holders, two of which are millionaires. If that is "one" measure of success. Even in the creative arts, NO formal university education, yet, another family member a professor of music performance at an Ivy League university states side. Time to get off the elitist roller coaster.

Henry Ford didn't go to college. Neither did Steven Spielberg. John D. Rockefeller. Mark Zuckerberg never finished. I could list 100 more very well known people. One thing you’ll notice is that there seem to be two types of people who make it big without going to college – those involved in the entertainment industry and those who start their own business. These college-dropouts and no-shows took risks and weren’t afraid to put their traditional plans on hold to pursue a dream. And, for them, it was a very profitable decision.

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