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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted April 13, 2012 at 09:34:01

I like the idea of printing and mailing signed petitions. Online ones obviously miss so many people. I can discuss this with some people who might not otherwise read this or bother to take a few moments to sign an online petition, and turn my othwerwise one signature, into say 15 or at least more than just mine.

I like the notion that we could possibly create more change no matter who was elected, if we could win many other battles in this matter with an office like the OMB, able to force councils hand with large numbers of signatures.

There will possibly always be so many that don't vote but would they listen to a friend or family member for 5 minutes and sign petitions?

What if voting was less important? What if we did this for things like the Board of Ed? A video like Matts and a 2 page printout that strongly pointed out both sides so possible petitioners knew all the facts and could chose to use a simple signature to make a difference?

Is there a way to make the people in office less significant? For them to truly represent our voice and not their own?

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