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By we ARE smrt! (anonymous) | Posted April 12, 2012 at 18:01:45

But Hamilton's already a Learning City--we got the Spectator. Why, just yesterday--Wed.--the Spec's Dreschel told us all about why ward boundary revision may be a good thing for citizens to pay attention to. Of course, CATCH already did this recently twice--on Feb.23 & March 6--maybe the Spec missed that--Dresch just catching up on his reading of citizen media, probably. And as reported in CATCH on Feb.23, "When [the matter] appeared on the agenda of the general issues committee, Ancaster councillor Lloyd Ferguson immediately moved to put it off to a future meeting."--That's RTH's good friend Lloyd Ferguson, praised recently by an RTH publisher and editor, last week. Old Lloyd ain't exactly a buddy of citizen initiatives.

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