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By bob (registered) | Posted April 12, 2012 at 14:44:42

my vision for this city is to create a greener atmosphere in the heart of downtown by eliminating some of the parking lots and replace with parks, grass, trees, flowers, etc. while this may seem very simplistic, it would in fact make trolling downtown more inviting. (also return the one way streets as our city was designed for this.)

on the economical side, i truly agree, we must encourage our kids all over the city to use whatever spurs their passion to use as a tool for choosing and developing a career. Academic is only one area of expertise, we need more skilled plumbers, electricians, etc to meet the needs of the population. young people can make a very decent and rewarding (both monetary and self satisfaction) lifestyle and have a job they truly enjoy fulfilling. our education system has never changed the format of teaching, public education should be successful in teaching all learners.

re-invite manufacturing back to this city

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