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By simonge (registered) | Posted April 07, 2012 at 00:54:20

This idea that Hamilton is populated by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians is a divisive way of seeing things and really not completely accurate. As with most of us I actually fall into all 3 of these categories and can empathize with each to some degree. When I'm behind the wheel I want to get where I am going efficiently and sometimes feel frustration with cyclists not obeying traffic laws or oblivious pedestrians. I also spend a lot of time walking in Hamilton and find crossing 'highways' while walking my kids to school daunting and a bit insane. Since moving downtown from Dundas I ride my bike a lot less, because it feels unfriendly to cyclists here. If we want to have a livable city with vibrant communities we need to address the different ways we get around. Putting one mode on a pedestal though or giving a disproportional voice is not helpful and will not lead to effective solutions.

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