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By MyMy (anonymous) | Posted April 05, 2012 at 05:15:20

Included in “Garbage and Recycling – What Goes in a Green Bin?” on the City's website is Takeout coffee cup.

Included in “Garbage and Recycling – What Goes in Blue Box Recycling?” are Coffee cup lids and Coffee cups (polystyrene).

The following is from the booklet titled “Be the ONE!” that was included with the 2011-2012 Yard waste pick up calendar. The booklet information is good for two years. This information is also on the City's site.

Page 10

“Paper coffee cups and waxed paper coffee cups go in your green bin, not in your blue box. They can be used to hold cooking grease or kitchen sink guck before you put these things in your green bin.”

Page 24

“Try the bend test for plastic lids
If you can bend a plastic lid in half with one hand (between your middle finger and thumb) put it in your containers blue box. If you can't bend a plastic lid in half with one hand put it in the garbage. For example, lids from coffee cups, cottage cheese tubs and margarine tubs go in your blue box. The lids from laundry detergent bottles, pop bottles and water bottles go in the garbage.”

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