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By TnT (registered) | Posted March 26, 2012 at 23:08:57

People may have tired of this issue, and they look at it as though any change is good. I can understand this to some extent, but not in a scorched earth style. I do not have an architectural background, or the ability to create a mock-up on the computer, to create a visual design of what it would look like to incorporate the old building into the new. Maybe this is something that city council and MacMaster could get behind. I’m sure that is quite a longshot, but still not something that is beyond the pale. I felt very sick when I watched the federal building come down. This is something that will make me feel even worse. Something is not right about this. I’ve seen the over sights of the city and I know that there is enough empty land in the core of this size and footprint that easily are either owned by the city, or could be expropriated. I really don’t know what the real appeal of this particular corner is. If anyone knows, it would really help me out.

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