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By Beige Beigne (anonymous) | Posted March 23, 2012 at 12:06:55

Rick Salutin, writing in today's Toronto Star, asks "What’s more public: CBC or the Internet?"

"I think what always deceived us was the assumption that “public” equals ownership. If the Canadian people own the CBC, it should have a public nature, n’est-ce pas? But that’s a legalism which becomes doubtful when an alternative that looks far more like public broadcasting heaves into view — on the Internet.

Maybe we were mesmerized by the wrong issue: ownership. That isn’t the problem. It’s the medium, stupid. It doesn’t matter who owns it. A unidirectional, one-to-many medium like network TV delivers irresistible clout to those who control it and deliver its programming to the nation. Being human, the power will go to their heads and they will routinely identify with other powerful, usually rich individuals and groups. Maybe what we need is a distinction between public broadcasting, which is a mere matter of who formally owns a network, and public media."

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