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By Say what (anonymous) | Posted March 22, 2012 at 15:24:27

I was at this meeting and many young people and older ones too, do not believe in the system anymore. They see no co-relation that our political representatives actually represent the people anymore.

One discussion point was Aerotropolis. which really is a major issue in our community but too many do not even know about this is about. How can they when our local corporate newpaper does not give real info, those heydays are gone.

They have a petition, however at present there are only around 200 or so signatures, and with our population being over half a million, I would say that this idea is going nowhere.

They have to get out into the streets and start talking to people, they have to start organizing, since it is the giant spider which causes things like Aerotropolis, that land developers have the ultimate say in things and our leaders bow in awe, for the economy, too bad too mnay are not part of the economy anymore. The spider causes poverty, environmental issues and so on and so on! Better to attakc the root instead of the effects!

I wonder if they should be a concerted effort to build solidarity with other groups, since this is only one piece of the larger puzzle. Maybe there should be a rally outside the OMB meeting, which would draw the corporate press, so that the real message gets out there. Acting like Tiny Tim, holding your cap out asking, Please sir, can I have more, is not going to work, considering the age of austerity that is coming soon.

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