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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted March 21, 2012 at 22:23:26 in reply to Comment 75342

If in your opinion red necks dominate this land.... maybe that makes you the odd man/woman out and the cbc is merely catering to what their consumer base wants?

Hockey Night in Canada is the most popular show in this country..... by a country mile. It is so to a large extent because of Don Cherry and Ron McClean. It takes in the most advertising revenue of any CBC production and enables the CBC (along with the $Billion plus in taxpayer money it gets every year) to give us such gems as Little Mosque on the Prairie, the laugh track laced This Hour has 22 Minutes, past beauties like Wind at My Back etc. Oh and lets not forget Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune......wait aren't those American productions?

So maybe the next time you're sitting at home in your turtle neck and birkenstocks listening to jazz on CBC radio with the other 6 people that listen to it, sipping an imported Pinot Noir..... perhaps maybe you should tip your glass to Don Cherry and say thanks.

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