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By rednic (registered) | Posted March 21, 2012 at 11:10:43

Well i bet i could get across that intersection quicker and safer than i can cross King St east at steven St. to get back and forth to the no frills. 'couple of days ago I was crossing with my bike and saw two cops standing there. A third police car was parked was parked on the south side completely obstructing the pedestrian view of traffic. I asked on of the cops on the other side to tell me when it was safe to cross. To my amazement he walked out into the middle of the road and stopped traffic so i could cross.

To my further amazment we then had a conversation regarding the dangers of the intersection and how it could be improved for every one. When i suggested that they had more 'sway' than i did , he claimed to brought that intersection up in various safety meetings ( not sure if their safety meeting are the same as mine!)

I realize i could have been fed a line of BS .. but the police are an excellent resource to exploit in this 'war'.As a cop once said to me in toronto 'Do You know what the worst part of my Job is ? Scraping people off the road'.

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