Comment 75305

By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted March 20, 2012 at 18:27:09 in reply to Comment 75301

I don't disagree, I'm sure you did bike frequently without bike lanes. So did I.

I think the question is, would you be more likely to bike now, at your present age and circumstances, if there were bike lanes?

At present, the majority of people seem to ride their bike either for recreation/athletics, or when "forced" (e.g. young Capitalist in their pre-driver's licence years).

If infrastructure was in place that made bike riding more pleasant and safer, would you choose to ride your bike more often? Would it make any difference at all? Maybe for you the answer is no, but evidence from cities around the world suggests there are a number of people who will chose to bike - at least some of the time - if given safe, convenient and "fun" routes.

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