Comment 75290

By Perspective (anonymous) | Posted March 19, 2012 at 20:53:25

In fairness, while it's amusing, let's not suggest this sign says it all at all. Brant Street is two lanes with traffic calming bump-outs, wide sidewalks, and nice set-backs for patios and public spaces. Furthermore, if I recall correctly, there are a probably a half dozen demarcated concrete or painted pedestrian crossings in the kilometre between Lakeshore Road and Caroline (just north of Maria). I'd take this "worst crosswalk ever" over almost anything the Hammer has to offer. I'm hard pressed to think of any areas in the lower city that compare to Brant for overall walkability, pedestrian friendliness and vitality. The sign is there because Burlington has been successful attracting pedestrians downtown, not because they want to reserve it for the car like our traffic planners seem to want to.

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