Comment 75280

By Nougat (anonymous) | Posted March 19, 2012 at 11:55:26

Maria dead-ends at Brant, where there is a stop sign, but Brant does not have stop signs at Maria. It does have traffic lights one block NW at Caroline and one block SE at James.

At this point on the map, Brant has two lanes of curb side parking and one lane of traffic in either direction. Because it is near the mid-point on two signalled intersections, traffic never moves that fast.

The sign is anomalous but I imagine that people would have found it just as strange if there were no pedestrian crosswalk.

And at least there's a sign at Maria. the same dynamic is at play nearby where Ontario meets Brant, but I don't think there's a sign there. (Maybe it's because you've got the ocular consideration of Encore Cinemas' movie theatre clientele at Maria?)

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