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By Bobby1 (anonymous) | Posted March 17, 2012 at 16:40:34

Mr. Hatch submitted a well thought out rational for why he submitted the complaint & I agree with him on most comments! The 33% increase was certainly out of line in economic times such ours,however, the much bigger issue was the deceit that followed by our most powerful leader in Hamilton being Mayor Bratina. I to didn't vote for him but thought he hopefully would serve Hamilton well! The attempt to transfer the decision to a HR person was deplorable & the comments made at Council by the Mayor (smoke & mirrors)only amplified the obvious mis-steps by the Mayor! Too costly to persue an Integrity Complaint,I think not.If a politician doesn't have integrity they have nothing! Decisions or support of issues by the Mayor can be either supported or not by various taxpayers,that is politics,however,decisions or issues persued by obvious deception by any politician must be called out & a message of non-tolerance issued! The Integrity Manager gets to provide the judgement based on the facts of this incident,we later get to evaluate if his judgement was fair,balanced & provided the necessary protection to citizen's that politicians integrity is paramount for fair protection of taxpayer rights & financial support of City operations including staff compensation that our tax dollars provide!

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