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By TreyS (registered) | Posted March 03, 2012 at 20:03:16

I think Scott Park would stun people if they got a look inside. It's an amazing building, from its soaring lobby with futuristic 25ish' climbing escalators, to the quality of workmanship and materials. It is a beautiful building. Remember most comments around this style of architecture were the same comments hurled at Victorian architecture in the 60s and 70s... "tear it all down" . We'd truly lose an architectural landmark if this was torn down, simply because "It doesn't have enough windows", or "it's too brown".

Brutalism was more about the interior experience, and Scott Park's interior is full of ambient light and a calming effect is created. This is all based on my memory from experiencing the inside so many years ago, and it never left me. Compared to the schlock we build now, this architectural style is one of the last that can truly say so many things that is more than a mere comment here can hope to justify.

Save Scott Park.

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