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By arienc (registered) | Posted March 02, 2012 at 10:05:20

Good read, and an interesting dichotomy.

As I experience it, being "green" is a fundamental disconnect from typical human nature, which includes the drive for comfort, fellowship and status.

Most of what is hyped as green is aimed at selling products and services. Hybrid cars, energy-efficient large-screen televisions, eco-friendly holidays, locally sourced artisanal cheeses, etc. It's little wonder the manistream views consumers of these products as being smug and "hipster" for lack of a better term.

But on the other hand, those "green" things do represent a sincere and valid improvement over the non-green versions of the same.

Ergo, it may be better to do without. A true green would take pride in not consuming, knowing that the benefit is that someone else will be able to consume later. But what kind of life is that, and does that truly make one happy?

The key is in being able to fulfill as many needs as possible without the stuff, and preferrably without the cost. And if you have to buy, then choose a low impact source. Don't impost the lofty standard of perfection - it's just not possible. But have standards, and strive every day to improve. In our consumer society, the biggest voting decision we make is the one we make every day, with our wallets.

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