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By Jo (registered) | Posted February 29, 2012 at 13:21:13 in reply to Comment 74833

'Why is it necessary for ALL of your resources to be in one location?'

That is a question that is debated constantly around here (in my dept.) One argument is that the satellite sites have very little accountability. I can vouch for this. With so few people in our building, people behave VERY differently than they would if there were suits in the cubes next to them. I think the left hand NEVER knows what the right hand is doing (readers of this blog will agree with me on that) and part of that is the disconnect staff feel from one another on a lot of levels.

Also, I have to run stuff down to the Ed Centre all the time (mileage claims, parts, signatures, etc.) so it would make better sense to be in one building on that front.

Also, the Board pays for property tax and maintenance on five properties when it could pay on one. I think the reason we are out in Ancaster is this buidling was the old "Ed Centre" for the Wentworth County Board of Ed, before amalgamation in '99. This building is sentimental to a lot of people. That's my guess. I never quite understood why we are out here... the schools I maintain are all out on the Stoney Creek mountain, so there is so much more driving involved to come to my desk on days I'm in the office. Tons of us drive for a living for the Board, and it would make sense for us to be more centrally located, and DARE I SAY IT, near the highway. I know that's not what readers of this blog want to hear, I'm just telling you what my job entails, and there are dozens of people in the Board who drive school to school or Board office to school. If you want your computer fixed, I have to come out and do it. If you want broken glass repaired, someone has to come and do it.

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