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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted February 29, 2012 at 12:04:09 in reply to Comment 74856

Pioneer versus Shell in your example may or may not mean a heck of a lot on a larger scale. It's still oil and polluting cars and all of that stuff.

To me, these choices are really about training ourselves to think about these things more. Zellers may be Target now but I shop there over Walmart and likely still will once the change is made. The Zellers versus Walmart example might even be about the practice of being willing to pay a little more for moral or ethical reasons.

Yes, Target is #2 so the separation of evil perhaps isn't all that far removed but the mind is consciously starting to think about these things and I think the world in general is starting to more and more. My mother even shocked me at her disappointment over a Walmart replacing her life long Zellers on the corner. I didn't know that there was a political side to my mother. I smiled.

When the Shell versus Pioneer decision truly starts to become a powerful one, is when you suddenly find yourself maybe taking the train to work one day to do a little more good for humanity and the planet. Then you realize you love that one day of downtime and it becomes a weekly thing say every hump day. You read, write, listen to music and just kick up your feet and relax. You have taken that next step.

Then, you start actively seeking where you can by furnace filters or light bulbs instead of going to Home Depot.

Then you start sharing these findings and maybe only one person decides to shop on Ottawa Street instead of The Centre to buy their next hat, but it all starts with 1 more - bad or good.

All Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!!

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