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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted February 29, 2012 at 09:52:42 in reply to Comment 74835

Love this Shemp. How F&$!ing true. But it looks better than what it was allowed to succumb to right?


I haven't heard any more about the Walmart at The Centre but I really want to find a way to peacefully and creatively bring it down.

I am shocked to read on this site, people being submissive about a box grocer going into our downtown or at at Barton & Tiffany.

Maybe Loblaws or Longos are much better socially I do not know much but I think we can dream better for both areas.

What's the rush in the Harbour. Please. I know it looks like hell right now but look what rushing did to the Centre. Please, please learn from that and fight for your neighborhood.

I grew up on the mountain and heard the 'north end' stigmatizations. Just like you native north-enders likely heard or used the 'mountain dwellers' vernacular.

Two of my band mates live and I believe grew up in the general vicinity of Barton and Tiffany. I love this area of our city. I was shocked the more I ventured down to the 'hood', just how beautiful and charismatic it was/is.

Don't rush it. You don't want a Walmart or Smart Centre or even traditional shops. Make it something special and spill out every idea that's in your head and truly make it a destination the world wants to visit because it has that potential and we all know it.

Why can't we create a Farmer's Market style space that sells what we go to the big super markets for? Is it doable? This is what I would love to see both down town and in West Harbour. Why can't we have a small town type pharmacy like at Dundurn and Aberdeen? Why can't we have 100 business owners and we likely could if you broke down what our super markets/big box drug stores, offer.

We shouldn't be settling for anything just because it's better than what we have now. Shoot for the moon and yes we will have to eventually 'agree' - not settle, somewhere in between but we all know that 'well informed' or not, Walmart may not be far from what others are becoming, but they are the top dog and worth keeping out and then going even further and working towards bringing everything else down to size.

I don't want to be American. Is that too much to ask? They are infiltrating our market and turning what's left of 'Canadian' like Tim's and Crappy Tire, more and more American every day so that these 'Canadian' companies can stay competitive.

I have a lot to learn but I also trust my heart and when I walk into a Walmart kicking and screaming, I know what I feel in my soul and it doesn't feel like I am in Kansas any longer and poor Toto is even frothing at the mouth.

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