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By Jo (registered) | Posted February 28, 2012 at 11:48:35

BTW I just wanted to let you know your numbers are wrong. I work for the HWDSB and 350 people do not work downtown. 350 people work at all admin buildings, which include Ancaster Memorial, Maple Lane (Ancaster), Vincent Massey archives (Upper Gage) and Red Hill Continuing Ed. Also, there are dozens of itinerant staff that come and go out of all five of these buildings. At any given time, there are probably less than 200 people in that building. Here are the numbers straight out of the HWDSB Quick finder: Coordinators/Consultants (46.5), Professionals and paraprofessionals (162.5), Con Ed (8.5), Transportation (4), Board Admin and Governance (130.95). Call the Ed Centre and ask to speak to someone in Corporate Communications for actual numbers. And understand that there are MANY satellite sites and they will all be consolidated into the new Ed Center, wherever it's built.

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