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By RobertD (anonymous) | Posted February 27, 2012 at 13:26:46 in reply to Comment 74772

That is a fairly accurate list of issues on your website.

You seem to imply people should discuss the various elements and how they've shaped opinion. Are you advocating discussion for the sake of information exchange, to get citizens to have a greater appreciation of other viewpoints, or are you suggesting such discussion should be used to determine the weighing of elements to be applied in order to achieve the "correct" answer?

Because while the first is worth (if problematic) goal, I think the second is the job of council/HWDSB/McMaster, and it's merely the job of citizens to ensure that their personal elements (whatever those might be) were considered appropriately (which is why process and transparency are so important).

I think a bit part of this issue is citizens feeling their own personal elements were either not given sufficient weight, OR that the decision was pre-determined some time ago with no consideration given to any objective elements.

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