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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted February 16, 2012 at 12:12:38 in reply to Comment 74483

I partially agree but why Sir John A? As far as I see high-level for the SJAM area, you have the Barton that drops students off a few blocks away at James St N, the Cannon which does about the same, 8 & 9 from the west looping around it, not to mention quite a few options on King/Main from 10 series to 51, 1A, etc. but Delta is a 'front door' drop-off in both directions instead of a 'bus across town then also walk a few blocks to get there' location. It is fairly well serviced by bus. SWC is too but nicely tucked a block away from main with big open fields. Delta unfortunately has to utilize Ivor Wynne for it's home football games. Well, not sure how unfortunate that is. Kind of cool for them if you ask me. Would be cool if Parkview had a football team based out of Ivor Wynne.

The immediate residential density around Delta is much greater than SJAM although maybe it's equal with all of the surrounding apartment buildings? Not sure about that but both are on main through fares but SJAM is sandwiched between three in York/Cannon/Bay. You could look at reducing lanes on the Delta stretch of Main much like was done on Barton between Wentworth and Victoria and slow the area down and make it even more pedestrian/student friendly. It would work better for a long bus-loading zone right on Main instead of on the side street which creates traffic and blind spots for drivers to see pedestrians.

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