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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted February 14, 2012 at 11:21:05 in reply to Comment 74304

>> If multinational corporations are going to keep shutting down functional plants

And this is where I agree with you. We need jobs and lots of them.

And that's why the MYTH of the federal deficit is such a maddening issue. In reality, the feds can spend whatever amount of money they want, and never collect a penny in taxes to do it. It's all done electronically.

Of course, if the feds started spending money like crazy, eventually we would get massive inflation. Bad idea.

However, when Canada has excess capacity in terms of workers and plant/equipment, it is wise to run a deficit, because it ensures that the real production of goods and services keeps growing.

The deficit in this case is just a tool to create wealth, no more, no less.

Once we start looking at the the federal deficit as a tool for growth, rather than a disease, Canada will have a thriving economy, filled with jobs. Unfortunately, that will require us to start using our brains, rather than accepting what the "elite" have been telling us for decade and still continue to.

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