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By Guildford (anonymous) | Posted February 10, 2012 at 08:00:18

I suspect that a Buy Local policy would probably shutter 99.99% of retailers in the city. Outside of a handful of farmers' market stalls, a swank restaurant or two and maybe a couple of craft galleries, new local businesses are exclusively local in their wares. It'd be slightly better for Buy Ontario or Buy Canadian, but I think it's still something where we'd do well to reach consensus on policy and principle rationally, not as a knee-jerk response. Simplifies the stakes for everyone.

Caterpillar was a bad actor. The unions knew that better than anyone, and they knew it a long time ago. The company was anti-union even before NAFTA, which was just water on a gremlin.

If you're the virgin fiancee of a well-known serial adulterer, it's one thing to have the optimism that they'll stay celebate until marriage and another enough to feign shock when they start sleeping with your neighbour.

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