Comment 74047

By adrian (registered) | Posted February 08, 2012 at 21:09:57 in reply to Comment 74024

It's honestly difficult for me to express how angry this ridiculous, absurd, and frankly libelous comment makes me: not just because it is grossly unfair to someone I have grown to truly respect - someone who does a hell of a lot more for this city than just about anyone I know - but also because it disgusts and infuriates me that a website I love is tarnished by hosting such an absurd, ill-considered and insulting rant.

The feeling is somewhat like the one I get when I get up in the morning, step outside to get my morning paper, and find that an inconsiderate dog owner has allowed their pet to deposit a bowel movement on my lawn. In that case, the irritation I feel is tempered by the thought that the fecal matter may serve as fertilizer.

In your case, the filth you've deposited on the public commons that is Raise the Hammer serves no such beneficial purpose. Although it stinks, it fertilizes nothing.

So please, Mahesh: take your waste somewhere else.

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