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By Say what (anonymous) | Posted February 07, 2012 at 19:04:03

To the writer of this article, I personally think you have missed the boat for a number of reasons. You fail to ask the really hard questions, as to why this is all happening.

Should you not be attacking the big spider and its intriquet(sp) web of lies and deceit, that is pushing many toward the lowest common denominator. How come you are failing to actually politize the issue, since it is types that I deem as the gestapo, who work for the system, who depend on a paycheque, while shafting the masses, which includes middle income taxpayers as well, who for the most part, choice to walk around with blinders, pretending, nothing is really wrong.

It is hard to understand why so many educated people, choice to continue with a system which is so corrupt and disfunctional, yet go along with it, becuase they lack the true vision to dismantle it.

If you ask me, there is too much faith put into academia and their ideology, that has fail the masses since 1995.

Open your eyes! People want change, how ome too many fail to actually stand a line in battle? Can someone please answer the following:

How did a person who did not even have a grade 12 education, become Min of Education and implemented the policies that plague not onoy the poor and unionized workers as well? Gee, one can really see the pwoer of those educators and their unionz, which allowed an inept person, set the stage for what is going on today.

Too much emphasis is put ont those who are edcuated, that they know the answers, whjen so many others can see the truth for what it really is!

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