Comment 73729

By myhallsstoneytowncreek (anonymous) | Posted February 05, 2012 at 11:15:28 in reply to Comment 73726

Blah blah conflation blah blah whinge, blah blah bulwark. Blah blah "hey I wrote a great governance formula on a napkin" blah blah blah "you're all on the wrong track, listen to me, please read my blog so you can be right like I am" blah blah blah. "I don't speak for Mahesh except I post his comments for him and defend his scurrilous bullshit." Blah blah blah. "i've been paying attention for 18 months, aren't I great?" blah blah blah. "Nobody reads my blog so I want to ruin every discussion on all the other blogs just to get attention and satisfy my own ego" blah blah blah.

Now go ahead- waste your day writing an overly long and self-indulgent essay about what's fundamentally wrong about all the wrong wrongness around here. Don't forget to include a few links back to

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