Comment 73724

By Bahesh Mutani (anonymous) | Posted February 05, 2012 at 10:09:36 in reply to Comment 73723

It's sad that Mahesh can't express his views without showing his obvious bitterness and envy toward his fellow engaged citizens. The idea of a Liberal campus is a good one- but it seems Mahesh merely wants to be a contrarian, and take the opportunity to slag others to make himself feel even better about his own (questionable) intellect.

I find it funny that him and Mytownyhallscreek are always blabbering on about civic engagement, but when a few citizens do become engaged, those citizens suddenly don't have the professional qualifications required to have an opinion, in their eyes. As a bunch of blind fools, we just simply can't attempt to understand their grand vision- so that's why they don't actually try to explain that "vision" effectively. It's hilarious to watch two guys who have accomplished absolutely nothing constantly trolling local blogs, constantly admonishing others for not having the right "vision".

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