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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted February 05, 2012 at 07:21:38 in reply to Comment 73721

I think most would agree the Liberal Arts at Mac would be a wonderful addition to our downtown, most likely a better fit than the current plan as the author clearly states.

I personally disagree with many of the author's positions. I don't agree with the need for "a strong professional voice", our cities are owned by all of the citizens and strong professional voices seem to have caused the mess Hamilton is in today.

" Many 'sound planning' opportunities have been lost on account of this shouting and yelling which usually ends up in petition writing and swarming." I can't respect this vague generalization as the author does not provide any examples. The only one I can recall is the unsound planning of Ivor Wynn stadium, a din of threats and letter writing orchestrated by the Bob Young propaganda machine.

"This has resulted in a community that is often swayed by bad arguments about design and development made by those who shout the loudest and thus are able to attract a large following of blind followers." Once again, IWS2 is the example of what the author is complaining about. I personally don't think people are 'swayed' by those brave enough to express opinions publicly, I think they hear the other stating exactly what they thought and support that person or group. This is hardly "riding the coat tails of others", it is allowing those who are more direct, elegant, brave and informed to be a public voice for what they wish they could express. I don't always see coat tail riding, I see a support system behind a person, helping those in front to push forward with support and quiet hidden power.

Lastly MSC, I think you should provide credit to the author of the article. They deserve recognition for what they wrote. What was the source please.

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