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By thinking critically (anonymous) | Posted January 29, 2012 at 09:54:58 in reply to Comment 73453

It might be less expensive - let's not forget that someone is still making profit on the rent.

But there is a more important issue at hand, and that is about civic pride and City-building. By this I am trying to illustrate that a City that is content to rent it's future rather than "build-it" does nothing to inspire citizens and businesses to do the same. I see far too many examples of this (what I would call the lazy) approach. After time, it becomes much harder, and expensive, to maintain or improve buildings or infrastructure after years of neglect or minimal maintenance that comes with rental properties.

I agree that taking the high-road is harder and can be more expensive (initially), but it is the high-road after all. I for one would prefer if our Civic leaders chose to invest our tax money, rather than just spending it.

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