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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted January 13, 2012 at 14:33:34 in reply to Comment 72990

While I'm not sure what this "double figure-8" concept is (and would like to learn more)...

I'm still waiting. Patiently. I've spoken to the Efficiency Manager on this project...but he's deaf...and so I wait. However it gets received, I believe it'll prompt some intriguing discussion.

I wouldn't want to waste prime waterfront land on something as boring as an LRT yard...

Well, this is a discussion in itself. Value has been placed on this land by some. (By others, it's not ever thought of.) Now, one group was eager for this land to be used for a stadium. Which probably wouldn't interest many more Hamiltonians than currently place a value on a stadium, period. At the same time, a maintenance yard has to go somewhere. And, if the value of LRT is as great as its proponents say it is, then isn't the 'sacrifice' of WH land to make LRT possible, a worthy one? Or is WH sacrosanct?

Maybe we could partner with a private developer and put a commercial/residential building on stilts above the maintenance yard?

I don't know...but I love the fact that you're thinking against the grain. One of the aspects of Town Hall Hamilton that I'd love to explore is a 'Charrette Tour'. Because for good reasons, I don't believe Hamiltonians have been imagining what their city could be. And I believe that we must. We must actively start imagining our city, especially our downtown- Hmm... Because I've already 'mystoneycreek'd this thread, I'm going to stop there and probably post an article somewhere about all this.

A hotel on the waterfront would be nice.

I'm not sure who to believe about how many more hotel rooms we need. (If any) And I'm not an urban planner. So I'll leave that one alone.

But thanks for the comment!

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