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By Nox (anonymous) | Posted January 07, 2012 at 11:56:53

Does anyone ever question how the Mayor's work as a board member of GO Transit enters into this equation? Because it seems to me that it's entirely germane.

Also (and I'm sure it's been said before), the province promised us GO Train service years ago. They were already working on a implementation schedule, one with inherent limitations (eg. corridor expansion, electrification). The City can no more accelerate the roll-out of all-day GO Train service than they can make the sun rise earlier in the day. Moreover, we bring almost nothing to the table, investment-wise, so we are obligated to wait on the largesse of the province. And that province is about to eviscerate most of its ministries' budgets (save healthcare and education) by about a third per over the next few years.

Any transit improvements anywhere in Ontario, whether you're talking about BRT, LRT or all-day GO, will be impacted by that unavoidable fact.

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