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By what is the truth (anonymous) | Posted January 06, 2012 at 15:43:36

First off, I would like to say that for those without dental coverage, the state does very little to help people with problems. They just pull teeth, you cannot get things like root canals etc, even getting your teeth cleaned is a hugh problem.

It is frustrating when I read comments that people write about these issues, yet they have no general experiecne with the true reality.

One also has to consider what is going on the the workplace, since many workers have difficulty in geeting their wages paid, or as I would like to call it STOLEN WAGES.

The legislation at the Min of Lab is not strong enough to force emplyers to pay wages owed and these is elaving many workers struggling jsut to collect the money they have earned, even if they have a ruling from the Min of Lab that they are owed.

It is absolutely idsgusting that all levels of government have allowed this to happen.

It is very imperative that as a society we should be putting more resources into teaching workers their rights, since many business owners do not know the law and with the legislation that was passed by the Harris government back in the day, which ahs been continued by the pathetic liberal party, we are seeing workers left with no other option to fight back using tactics like protesting for their right wages that they earned.

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