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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted December 16, 2011 at 13:36:38

Why does this sound like a bad comic book retcon? Why didn't Bratina just say right from the get go when this story came out. "Yeah, I gave her a raise but only because both she and I agreed to pay her less, and here is the paperwork showing it." Some transparency would be nice, and I'm sure the Spec would have happily published a "Mayor's Head of Staff takes a pay cut" good news story. This to me reads like yet another lie, because who in their right mind would say "Yeah I want to make $20,000 less". Civic patriotism is one thing, but not to the tune of $20,000 a year that you later want to get back and refuse to give back.

That being said, even the blatant lies and deception to me aren't as upsetting as the fact they we are in a recession, the city is strapped for cash to fund infrastructure and cleanup projects and we're giving a ridiculous raise to the chief of staff. Not a modest raise (like say maybe $5,000), a ridiculous one to an employee who already makes $90,000 a year and is getting a raise that will make her as much money as the mayor. The mayor should be the ceiling as far as city wages are concerned because he's suppose to have more responsibilities.

I think that's the problem with our mayor, responsibility doesn't seem to be in his vocabulary as he flip-flops and lets his personal grudges get into his work.

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