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By shaddupsevenup (registered) | Posted December 16, 2011 at 08:59:14 in reply to Comment 72307

I am a public sector worker. Our current contract is zero raise for 2011, and 1.9% for the following three years. That's $0.75 an hour raise. So basically, we took nothing for four years. The police and teachers got healthy raises, but the average public sector worker in Hamilton pretty much got nothing. Just wanted to put that out there. On the whole, we agreed to the contract because we understand that everyone is experiencing economic woes. We get that we are well paid, so we agreed and voted yes. The City Manager was sending us emails six months before negotiations, telling us that it wouldn't behoove us to ask for more. I noticed he got a healthy raise though. As a city worker, you work for the public, knowing full well that management or council will throw you under the bus when it's necessary. The ONLY benefit is the pay - and as we've seen through some of the talent lost at City Hall this past year or two, people aren't even sticking around for that anymore either.

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