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By Bob Bratina (anonymous) | Posted December 15, 2011 at 08:41:15

Metrolinx: Continue LRT planning

Citizens must champion LRT, mayor will not (Dec. 8)

Metrolinx values our excellent, continuing collaboration with Mayor Bob Bratina, city council and the people of Hamilton to complete the necessary planning, design and engineering work on the King-Main LRT project.

LRT is a project that could transform Hamilton’s economic development, quality of life and mobility. But we agree with the mayor that a recommendation to proceed with LRT cannot happen without all of the evidence and facts to support responsible, well-informed decision-making.

There are some large information gaps that the city will need to fill in order to define the LRT project and produce a solid proposal. Where will the LRT maintenance and storage facility be located? How will the LRT line connect with McMaster University? What is the implementation phasing plan for the line? What is the right way to procure and manage this project to achieve the best value for taxpayer money?

Until these basic outstanding questions are resolved, the mayor, Hamilton council and Metrolinx will not have a solid basis to make an informed decision on the future of LRT.

In October 2011, Hamilton council asked city staff to press ahead and complete the outstanding LRT planning and technical work. It’s a direction that we at Metrolinx fully support in the interest of transit project excellence, sound financial management and accountability to citizens.

Bruce McCuaig, president and chief executive officer, Metrolinx

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