Comment 72254

By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted December 13, 2011 at 19:11:46 in reply to Comment 72225

A limit on the mayor's power I think may be called for as an appropriate punishment. HR determining that she is "Under-compensated for her work" because the mayor said so isn't a worthwhile reason.

If maybe she was under-compensated in comparison to other people in a similar position in similar municipalities, yes. If maybe she was under-compensated and we weren't in a major recession, yes. If maybe she was became the deal-maker for landing a major public works project or higher government funding, yes.

However as far as I can tell, she's getting $30,000 because she's directly serving as Bratina's own personal attack dog. Now, I will admit my characterization of the issue may be unfair. I don't have all the facts here, but if someone has some information to the contrary, now would be the time to bring it forward, and you'd think Bratina and Chapman would want to clear the air on this raise.

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